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Active Release Techniques (ART ® ) is a form of body manipulation that helps to break through scar tissue and allows muscles to work smoothly again. For many athletes, the ability to move without pain can be truly miraculous. ART ®  is a patented, state-of- the-art, soft tissue management system that treats problems that occur with:      Muscles      Tendons      Ligaments      Fascia      Nerves For more information about Active Release Techniques (ART), click here.
Active Release Provider Since 1994 EXPERIENCE RESULTS We All Share A Common Bond...INJURIES!  Have you “tried it all” and you’re still not better? Maybe you need a unique, highly effective combination of manual therapies to get you better, faster. You are encourage you to look at all the sections of this site to get the most complete and comprehensive picture of ART® Therapy and the services provided by DR PRO. From there, you will be able to make an educated decision on right type of care that will best benefit you. You will also find information that will both educate you of the most common injuries and how to avoid them in the future.   John Prokopiak, B.Sc., D.C.  Dr. "John Pro" treats soft tissue, spinal, extremity, occupational and sports injuries using chiropractic neurology methods, physical therapy modalities and Active Release Techniques (ART®) to help individuals achieve their performance goals.  Active Release Techniques (ART®) is a protocol specific technique for the correction of muscle and nerve myofascial adhesions. They are non-surgical, non-in–vasive tactile dependent soft tissue treatments of low visit frequency. ART® was developed by Dr. Mike Leahy, DC, CCCP, of Colorado Springs, CO.   DR PRO offers a unique experience that is both pleasant and informative.   One hour can change your life for the better.