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Animal Chiropractic Care
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DR PRO and his trusty sidekick Cooper
IS YOUR DOG GRUMPY? He may need an adjustment!
When should your animal be adjusted? At your Vet’s recommendation When Costs are a factor ( i.e. before an expensive battery of tests is done.) When “surgery is not an option” Test results are negative (-) for other pathology After competition, work, task or event. Owners observations (for prior chiropractic care patients) They have some or several of the Sign & Symptoms. How often should they get adjusted? Chiropractic care takes time, it’s a process. Animals respond differently from people, they typically need more time between adjustments. Depending on the problem or activity level the schedule of visits varies. House pets may only need to be seen every 6-8 weeks while Animal Athletes may need weekly visits. Initially, 3 or so visits are needed to get to know the animal and their level of response. Once established the schedule can be managed by the animals needs and the owners schedule and financial considerations. When should your animal see the chiropractor? Why is the chiropractic adjustment so important?
DR JOHN PRO, Inc.  4370 S. Tamiami Trl., Suite #235, Sarasota, FL 34231   Email:       941-928-8292 Copyright © DR JOHN PRO 2010. All Rights Reserved Active Release Provider Since 1994 EXPERIENCE RESULTS Please call DR PRO to learn more! Animal Chiropractic Care  Animal Chiropractic Care is a drug-free approach to pet health care. It deals with the nervous system housed inside the spinal column and with keeping the nervous system healthy for the benefit of all body systems including the musculo-skeletal system.  Animal Chiropractic, just as Human Chiropractic, involves adjustment of subluxations of the spinal column, extremity joints and skull bone junctions called cranial sutures. Animal Chiropractic care involves management advice as to what is needed to insure proper response to chiropractic care, including rehabilitation and therapeutic exercise.  If your pet has any or some of the following symptoms or issues then chiropractic care is right for them:  	Problems getting up or down 	Competes in athletic events 	Is currently experiencing or has experienced any reoccurring 	conditions such as: Vomiting, respiratory or urinary infections,  	diarrhea or constipation 	Had/has seizures or neurological problems 	Entered the geriatric phase of life 	Sudden behavioral or mood changes  Dr. PRO has been a chiropractor and ART® soft tissue provider for more than 15 years and has extensive postgraduate training  in animal chiropractic.  Dr. Prokopiak attended postgraduate school at Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, TX. This training consisted of over 220 hours of classroom and live animal hands-on laboratory work, and a comprehensive exit examination. Dr. PRO then tested, successfully, for certification in animal chiropractic through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA).  AVCA certified Doctors are the most extensively trained, and the only nationally tested, Animal Chiropractors in the world.  Dr. PRO is licensed to treat chiropractic and soft tissue disorders.  He has specialty training and certification in animal chiropractic. (Animal chiropractic is not a recognized specialty by the Florida Board of Chiropractic). Dr. PRO is not a veterinarian and cannot take responsibility for the primary health care of animals. All health problems should be brought to your veterinarian’s attention before seeking chiropractic care in order to rule out serious trauma or disease.