Information Parents Should Know for Young Athletes  If Only I Had Known Sports and activity take a toll on all of us over time. When we are young we usually “recover” quickly and without apparent long term effects.  As we get older we begin to feel the effects of the injuries of our youth and often wish that we had done something about them when they first happened. As the parent of a child you are now in a position to prevent the same thing from happening to your child. They are not thinking about how much they will hurt when they are 30, 40 or 50, but you have been there or are there, don’t let it happen to them too.   A Smaller Version of the Pro’s Young Athletes get exactly the same kinds of muscle and tendon injuries as veteran Professional athletes get. Trauma that results in a bruise will leave scar tissue in the area and alter the function of the muscle or tendon, which can have consequences to other muscles, joint function, strength, and range of motion. It is vital to treat the injury as soon as possible and to get the right kind of treatment for the particular injury. No injury “just gets better”, there is always scar tissue produced in the healing process, it may appear to function about the same or good enough to resume the prior activity, but the damage remains.  It’s Not Just Growing Pains! Growing athletes also present a challenge, the growth rates of muscle and bones are often erratic and can predispose a young athlete to injury. Did you know that bones are not fully developed until 17 or 18, and that the bones for the joints contain the “nerve ending sensors” that influences the muscles that move those joints. It is critical that these joints move properly so the body can control the muscles correctly. Many children develop mild scoliosis, a direct result of joint and muscle dysfunction. If detected early enough, it can be corrected with ART®, chiropractic and exercise.  Keep Them in the Game with ART® Few things can kill a promising athletes career hopes faster than injuries that hamper performance just enough to make a star a mediocre or average performer.  Many “back-ups” have become stars when the “star” got injured. Don’t let your child be replaced due to injury, get them to an ART® provider. While there are many kinds of “sports therapy”, “chiropractic”, “massage” and “medical treatments”, ART® is becoming the treatment of choice for athletic injuries for all ages and activities.  Young Athletes Need ART® Too! ART® can be the right tool for the young athlete who is injured. When combined with appropriate medical and other care, you can be sure your child will recover as quickly and completely as possible. The team approach to athlete development cannot be over-emphasized. It has been my experience that each athlete should have:  1) an individual coach for their specific activity, Tiger Woods has several.  2) A strength, speed and agility trainer.  3) A Medical doctor familiar with sports injuries and  4) An ART® provider/Chiropractor who regularly helps athletes get better faster.   Left untreated or improperly treated, the injury can cause problems later sometimes many years later. Treat your young athlete like they were a professional level player; give them the best care you can.  Why Should You Choose ART®? Active Release Techniques is a hands-on therapy that locates and breaks down the scar tissue that causes soft tissue injuries. Soft tissue injuries are commonly given names like tendinitis, bursitis, rotator cuff, shin splints, strains, sprains, over training, overuse, repetitive motion injury, tennis elbow and golfers elbow. Whatever the name, ART® is the treatment that gets to the cause of the problem. No medicine, stretching, ice, or exercise is going to break up the scar tissue; those things may be helpful in reducing perception of the problem, but do not correct the problem. For the young athlete, only a few treatments are typically needed to see rapid results. One to four visits have corrected rotator cuff problems commonly found in baseball, football and tennis. If there is not a significant response or improvement they are recommended for further treatment or surgical consult.    A Note on Surgery Sometimes surgery is indicated for injured athletes. It has been my experience that even though surgery may be required, ART® can be very beneficial in the overall process of recovery. Pre surgery treatments can clear up areas that may not have functioned correctly prior to the injury thus helping the rehab process. During rehab progress may be slow or ineffective and that is the time for ART®. If scar tissue is present and causing problems, the rehab will likely not be successful until the adhesions or problems areas are  corrected. Old, previously untreated or incompletely treated injuries can slow down or prevent full resolution of “simple” surgical procedures. If your athlete has had surgery and is not back to 100%, then consider ART®.   The Right Treatment for the Problem is the Key Dr. PRO has been a provider of ART® since 1994. Through his unique combination of skills in Chiropractic neurology, body movement mechanics, postural assessment and exercise consulting, he is able to provide an accurate and thorough diagnosis of most sports and activity related injuries. One must know what the actual problem is, before an effective treatment can be applied, that is common sense of course, but how many times have people “tried it all” and they haven’t gotten better? In an ever increasingly specialized world, many providers have a narrow focus, which is good if your problem fits their particular specialty. If it doesn’t, then it is like using a screwdriver to drill a hole! Or a hammer to drive a screw, right intent, wrong tool! DR JOHN PRO, Inc.  4370 S. Tamiami Trl., Suite #235, Sarasota, FL 34231   Email:       941-928-8292 Copyright © DR JOHN PRO 2010. All Rights Reserved
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“Young athletes shrug their injuries off while older Athletes wish they had done something about them at the time they happened!”
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